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Home Kitchen Replacement and Upgrades

Improvement Inspiration: Upgrade Your Kitchen

How do you know your kitchen needs remodeling? Well, first you can think about how long you’ve been putting it off. If you’ve had a thought anywhere along the lines of “maybe I should replace that 15-year-old gas stove” or “I wonder when I’ll get rid of this ugly linoleum,” it’s probably a good idea to start planning seriously. People tend to procrastinate home renovation projects, believing them to take too long or cost too much. If you’re dreading the remodel process but desperately need a change, here are some things for you to consider.

  • New flooring can change the entire look of your kitchen! A natural wood grain is a good alternative to those old-fashioned tiles, since it remains light in coloration and is usually still easy to remove stains from. Or if you’re determined to keep up the linoleum tiles, there are plenty of smoother, more modern alternatives.
  • New Glass Installation is common in home remodels. Glass can be found in kitchen windows and patio doors. Upgrading patio doors and windows with new glass can really open up the room and allow natural light. Also oven glass, glass shelves and custom sneeze guards or other custom cut and installed glass items. Many local contractors will have their own glass company to handle those small parts of the renovation. Glass countertops are also a big thing that many high end homeowners and businesses want to have put in.
  • A new set of furniture will add new life to the room. Understandably, most people don’t just go around buying full sets of furniture on a whim, as they can be quite pricey and/or difficult to transport to one’s home and then assemble. However, if you really want to change the look of your kitchen, swapping out your chairs can make a big difference without necessarily buying a new table as well. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money and time, installing a central island for additional counter space always makes a kitchen feel more welcoming and more organized.
  • Take a look at your walls. Do you like the color? Deep reds and greens can look great in a kitchen, even though most designers tend to warn amateurs to stick to neutral colors. If you want to do the latter, consider adding a fun accent color to the trim. You could also change up the cabinets and shelving units to give yourself additional storage and just add a fresh look over everything.
  • How is your lighting system? Brushed brass, frosted lampshades, and those outdated yellow bulbs can make the room appear dreary and dull. Wrought iron is sleek and goes well with everything, as do shinier surfaces such as chrome. Opt for whiter bulbs for a more natural appearance to the light, and if you have heavy curtains or shades, consider a lighter, sheer curtain for a softer look.
  • Last but certainly not least, take a look at the appliances themselves and replace anything that’s out of date. You want to make sure your food is stored and handled safely! These days, appliances come with all sorts of frills and fancy gadgets, so choose whatever feels right for your home. If you can, remember to try and match all the appliances in terms of their surface material, because that classic plain white doesn’t necessarily go well with the newer stainless steel.
New Home Windows for Remodel

Ultimately, however you choose to change up your kitchen is up to you, so keep your budget and family in mind as you plan. Try and have fun with it! It’s your home, and the most important thing is that everybody feels comfortable there.